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Organic Life Philosophy

In recent years, many wines have become increasingly similar in taste. It has become difficult to find truly genuine product that pleases the palate with the right harmonies.

Nowadays, the word “Organic" is quite often used to label products in the agri-food industry to highlight all the complex processes involved to achieve this.

For example at “Tenuta La Basone” we carefully place our vines near hedges and woods in order to encourage the development of biodiversity and a healthy food chain, which naturally fight and eradicates pests and weeds without using chemical fungicides or herbicides.

The Consortium for the Control of Organic Products, a certification body overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, recognised our efforts in fully complying with their strict guidelines and certified Tenuta La Basone as “Cantina Bio”. This is why our wines are 100% eco-friendly, preserving all the natural flavours and delivering a top quality product we can be proud of.

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Controllo Biologico

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